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Finally, The Visibility You Deserve,

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Let’s see if we get this right:

  1. Once a month (if you’re lucky), you get an email from your “marketing person” summarizing how amazing they did.
  2. You open the email (and usually several attachments) and quickly scroll through the nearly meaningless data, with no comparisons to the previous month, very few (and high level) insights they quickly typed out, and an empty feeling inside.
  3. You pay them for another month, hoping they’re doing the right thing.

We see it all too often. Poor reporting on metrics that the marketing agency defined, not you. Impressions, clicks, convoluted lead metrics, engagement, blah.

Our goal is to agree, together, on what we actually define as a “lead” and define the metrics around the costs associated with high-quality leads driven to your business. And we wanna do it the way it SHOULD be done.

Then we’ll build a custom ads dashboard for you that’s accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Why? Because we believe in transparency, honesty, and a tight feedback loop to ensure we’re hitting the metrics we both agreed on, and making you a LOT more money. It’s your data. You should have access to it all of the time.
Check it out:

Check It Out!

Reporting That Makes Sense:

Basic Reporting

We build a high-level, real-time reporting dashboard that pulls from most popular ad platforms and into an easy-to-understand format.

This is great for finally having metrics in one place to better make sense of where your money is going, and seeing historical data to better measure efficacy.

No more monthly emails with screenshots or weird attachments to try to figure out or understand.

custom ads dashboard with metrics about your business
custom ads dashboard with campaign overview from silverbox

Enhanced Reporting

  • Included With Deluxe and Premier Packages 

A more detailed view into each campaign’s performance. Rather than skipping from platform to platform to figure out how much each campaign or initiative has cost, we build your real-time dashboard to include all performance from most major platforms in one easy-to-digest format.

Forget searching through months of emails and updates to find the metrics that are important to your business.

We’ve got you covered.

Comprehensive Reporting

Finally, a visualization that gives you exactly what you need, available 24/7/365 through your custom premium dashboard.

First we analyze any previous historical data. Then, we determine your goals for acquisition costs and metrics and build additional reporting to help you really understand your ads performance and targets.

If you’re serious about growth and value your time, our comprehensive reporting is a lifesaver.

No joke.

custom ads dashboard from the SilverBox Agency

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