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The SilverBox Agency was founded as a middle finger to big corporate. In addition to having a strong focus on giving small businesses the tools, skills, and software they need to succeed, we’re also heavily focusing on driving advertisements that work. 

Stop the bullsh!t, start the scaling.

Your time, money, and team is far too important to waste any more of it on outdated, old, crusty processes.



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I absolutely love waking up every day excited to help business owners grow.

Keegan Smith


In addition to having a 12 year career in Army Aviation before getting out, I’ve spent over a decade perfecting my craft in and around the corporate world. After working for “big corporate” for 6+ years, I realized I had a problem: wearing suits, pandering to egos, and departmental bureaucracy just didn’t fit my personality.

Having a successful career shouldn’t require ass-kissing to get there, it should be fueled by hard work, loyalty, and dedication to the craft.

I’m incredibly passionate about small business. The success you and your team have directly reflects on me, so when I tell you that I’m here to help you win, you can definitely believe it.

I’m honest, don’t hold back, and will always have your brand’s best interest at heart. I believe in being your genuine self from day one with anyone, so what you see here is what you get. 

Finding a business partner is a lot like dating: if you aren’t aligned and focused on a shared set of interests, it’s doomed from the start.